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Mid-Coitus with a Barnacle

I'm Ready for the New

Alch and his Amazing Flying Machine
11 November 1985
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Fags, bitches, and Sewaddle.
a big fat hen, a bunny, all of your money, aluminum, amazon women, anything from the trolley, at least 150, au jus, awkward silence, bad examples, batteries, battering rams, bawls, bayleef, beating up old people, beating up zebras, bending, blaid, blinking lights, bowling, bubble soap, buckle my shoe, cake, chewing pencil erasers, chips, clicky tops, colonel mustard, crispy treats, crumbs, deershank, dinosaurs, dips, doing battle with martians, ducks, eight, feet, fingers, five, fjords, food, four, fucking, gingerbread men, goat horns, goat milk, good burger, gors, hopping on one foot, horseradish, hymens, hyphens, interpretive dance, it has legs, james, jars, jerome, jingle keys, kiera, kites, lay them straight, leeches, left, lint, lionel, lions, ljords, lynn, magic tricks, making a smoothie, mayonnaise, men with girly names, milk and sour cream, minty gargle, mites, mjords, more to come, my backyard, my friend, napkins, night out, nightcap, nightly, nightly dues, nighttime story, nine, no more gravy, one, outer space, owing me twenty bucks, paper, paraphrasing abraham lincoln, pen caps, pending, pick up sticks, plastic bag, pop tarts, post-its, ram horns, really fucking huge animals, right over there, rites, rock, rome, salma hayek's cleavage, scissors, scoop, scroll lock, seven, sewaddle, shouting, shut the door, silly hats, six, sometimes i like roses, sour cream and chives, spain, stop signs, sunkist, sunshine, take a seat, tandem bicycles, ten, the british, the heavy, the most spectacular thing, the word "sunshine", things in the sky, things on the ground, things shaped like birds, things that are sticky, things that aren't sticky, this thing i found, three, ticks, tocks, too much cranberry sauce, toxic chemicals, turkey subs, twisty bottoms, two, tyler, unsafe for consumption, watching mainstream movies, watching non-mainstream movies, watching turtles wrestle, women's toiletries, yellow wires, yjords, your friend, yugimon